ComponentPro sells .NET libraries that don't belong to them. Instead of writing the software themselves, they illegally used libraries created by Rebex and other vendors. To hide the real authors they changed the names of classes and some methods, but vast majority of the code remains the same. They are selling the software as their own creation. The ComponentPro brand, which pretends to be a purely American company, is actually run by Mr. Thang Dang from Hanoi, Vietnam.

It exposes ComponentPro customers to several problems. First of all - they are using the libraries illegally. The ComponentPro had never had any right to sell them a license for the code created by other vendors.

Infringing libraries

ComponentPro's name Original Vendor Contains code from
Ultimate Studio Suite Rebex + others Parts of Rebex Total Pack + components from other vendors
Network Expert Suite Rebex + others Parts of Rebex Total Pack + components from other vendors
FTP Expert Suite Rebex Rebex File Transfer Pack
Mail Expert Suite Rebex + others Parts of Rebex Secure Mail + components from other vendors
FTP & FTPS Rebex Rebex FTP
SFTP & SCP Rebex Rebex SFTP
Terminal Emulation Rebex Rebex Terminal Emulation
Mail Library Rebex Rebex Secure Mail
SFTP Server Rebex Rebex File Server
Email Validator Rebex Uses parts of Rebex Mail
Template Engine Rebex Uses parts of Rebex Mail
Ultimate SAML ComponentSpace SAML Suite

Copyright infringement lawsuit

Thang Dang (the guy behind the ComponentPro brand) is currently being sued for copyright infringement.

Past scams by the same person

This is not the first time. The ComponentPro only pretends to be an U.S. based company. In fact this scam operation is based in Vietnam and the U.S. based company is only used as a disguise. The same person performed the same trick in the past under Safabyte, ComponentForge, XtraComponents, CodeUltimate, ComponentSoft.Net brands. For the evidence see the Cheated By Safabyte website.

Help for affected ComponentPro customers

For clients who have already invested time and money in a components pirated under the ComponentPro brand, Rebex offers a competitive upgrade offer to make the transition to genuine Rebex components as painless as possible.

Benefits of switching to the genuine version

  • Latest updates, many improvements and security fixes
  • Support for TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3
  • Support for the most recent version of .NET
  • A real license that enables you to legally use the library

The transition is in most cases prettty easy because the ComponentPro API is almost identical to the original Rebex one. Some work will be needed, though. Don't worry. We'll help you. You'll get the support directly from the dev team that wrote the original code.

How to get it

  • Email us your original invoice from ComponentPro.
  • We'll contact you with further instructions.

Contact us if you have any questions.